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01Reise nach Jerusalem 29.6.07- 4.7.07
Austrian Hospice, Jerusalem, 19:00

Sounding Hospice
Expressing the presence

You are invited to discover music as the language of our present time

Martin Hornstein (cello/AT), Arcus Ensemble Vienna (trio/AT), The European String Quartet (CH)

music by Friedrich Cerha, Gerd Kühr, Robert Höldrich


About Sounding Jerusalem

Welcome to the Sounding Jerusalem chamber music festival, an international meeting point for music enthusiasts, talented young musicians, renowned artists from all around the world and everyone who is curious to discover his affection for music! International musicians and their audience meet in the inspiring atmosphere of a place which has been the cradle of three major religions - the lively and colourful town of Jerusalem.

The Sounding Jerusalem Festival invites everyone to a 15 days long festival experience of finest chamber music, performed by internationally known artists and gifted young musicians.

Founded by the Austrian cellist Erich Oskar Huetter, the festival aims to unite the widest possible audience to enjoy chamber music of the highest possible standard in unique concert settings.

The town of Jerusalem with its outstanding combination of historic, artistic and spiritual traditions has unlike any other city always been a source of inspiration for artists, expressed in so many works and creations over the centuries.

These traditions also reflect in the many historical and spiritual venues of the city. Therefore all concerts of the Sounding Jerusalem festival will be played in fascinating sights and undiscovered concert venues like the Armenian patriarchate, the Lutheran Church of Redeemer, the San Saviours Convent, the American Colony Hotel or the Austrian Hospice.

Most of the concerts will take place in the historic town of Jerusalem and its region but some of them are also planned in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jericho, Jenin and in breathtaking open-air venues.

The festivals rich and innovative concert programmes contain masterpieces of the classical Western chamber music, musical highlights from the Arabian culture as well as exciting new creations like world premieres of contemporary chamber music pieces and musical improvisations.

For young artists, performing is a vital aspect for developing a successful future career. Therefore talented young Palestinian musicians will get the opportunity to work together with outstanding internationally acclaimed musicians. The students will have the chance to experience the everyday life of these renowned artists and to join rehearsals with them in order to prepare themselves for public concerts at the Sounding Jerusalem Festival. There they will perform together side by side in one chamber music ensemble.

The aim is to provide these young talents with intense, challenging, and rewarding musical experiences in order to encourage them to continue with their open-minded creative artistic work.

Chamber music itself symbolizes the creation of intimacy through the coming together of a small group of people communicating with each other through the universal language of music.

The Sounding Jerusalem Festival hopes to develop and enlarge its “sounding community” in which musicians and their audience witness together precious moments of enchanting chamber music in a joyful festival atmosphere.

Sounding Jerusalem hopes to give a fresh impetus and to intensify the local cultural life by organising free music concerts and by offering an open space where all musicians and the audience have the chance to meet and share their musical interests in a stimulating artistic ambiance. Absorbing the amazing atmosphere rich with history and culture, the festival aims to create a strong and beautiful musical sound, destined to make people listen, enjoy and celebrate their passion for music by freely exchanging their experiences and new impressions of the Sounding Jerusalem Festival.

02Reise nach Jerusalem 29.6.07- 4.7.07
Church of the Ascension/Auguste Victoria Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, 18:00

Stefano Bagliano (recorder and conductor/IT), Erich Oskar Huetter (cello/AT), Reinhard Latzko (cello/ DE), Pierluigi Camicia (harpsichord/IT), The European String Quartet (CH)

Baroque `n` Roll

A feast of baroque music: the ambivalent attitude towards life of the baroque era bore a sparkling way to make music, full of energy and joy for life. Captivating rhythm and colourful melodies tempt the audience to move their feet, prooving that the fascination of baroque music is in no way inferior to modern rock music.


03Reise nach Jerusalem 29.6.07- 4.7.07
Armenian Patriarchate, Jerusalem, 18:00

European String Quartett

Christian Altenburger (violin/AT), Peter Matzka (violin/AT), Thomas Selditz (viola/DE), Reinhard
Latzko (cello/DE), Andreas Schablas (clarinet/AT), The European String Quartet (CH)

Konzerte in Jerusalem und Betlehem auf Einladung des Cellisten Erich Oskar Huetter

Melancholic embracements

A concert that touches the soul of human sentiments - Brahms’ unique clarinet quintet belongs to his most successful masterpieces ever and leads the audience into a deep red sunset, accompanied by melancholic, wishful and vivacious gypsy melodies.

quartets and quintets by Joseph Haydn, Johannes Brahms, Antonín Dvorák


Greetings & Salutations

It belongs to the most moving experiences to see people of different religion and culture come together - especially when this happens in crisis areas – in order to give a concert. This way, their love for music meets the efforts to create a world in which people can live together in peace.
The Sounding Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival, under the artistic direction of the Austrian cellist Erich Oskar Huetter and in cooperation with the Austrian Hospice, has planned an unconventional program of concerts to be given in East- and West Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jericho and Jenin.
The organizers have chosen historically and geographically particularly prominent venues for their performances, in order to emphasize the common aspects, overarching cultural and historical diversity. It is very remarkable that, apart from local artists, all groups of the country’s population are involved.
In addition to masterpieces of European chamber music, the program also includes pieces drawing from the extensive Jewish, Christian and Arab traditions.
As Federal President of the Republic of Austria, I am particularly pleased that this initiative originated in Austria. I congratulate the director of the festival, Mr. Erich Oskar Huetter, as well as all those who, with their contributions and their commitment, add to the success of this festival. I am convinced that, also this year, the Sounding Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival will inspire the people and re-spark the spirit of reconciliation.
I wish this symbolically powerful event great success and all guests an unforgettable evening!
Bundespräsident Dr. Heinz Fischer

Music allows us to express that which is core to humanity - ideals of liberty, equality, fraternity, free thought, and human solidarity. Sounding Jerusalem provides a unique platform for bringing together people from all backgrounds. Through performance and appreciation of chamber music at the highest level, Sounding Jerusalem addresses our innate need for harmony and peace, and our longing to come to an understanding with each other. I wish this young festival all the very best as it continues to establish itself on the world’s stage.
Franz Welser-Möst, April 25, 2007
Music Director, The Cleveland Orchestra
General Music Director, Zurich Opera

"Es ist ermutigend und schön, dass es derartige Initiativen gibt! - Musik verbindet und versöhnt und gibt Hoffnung!"
Prof. Nikolaus Harnoncourt

The Concertgebouw Amsterdam would like to congratulate the Sounding Jerusalem Kammermusikfestival 2007. No doubt that this festival will be a wonderful opportunity for all music lovers and musicians to enjoy chamber music.
Anneke Hogenstijn, artistic director of the Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Die Musik als überall verständliche universelle Sprache darzubieten, steht für das Sounding Jerusalem Festival im Mittelpunkt. Solch einer Zusammenführung von Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Kulturen, Nationen und Religionen kann nicht genug Wertschätzung entgegengebracht werden und ist jeglicher Unterstützung würdig. In diesem Sinn soll dem Festival der Erfolg und die Aufmerksamkeit beschieden sein, die solch eine lobenswerte Initiative in höchstem Masse verdient.
Trygve Nordwall
Intendant Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich

„Die Alte Oper Frankfurt wünscht allen Teilnehmern und Gästen des Sounding Jerusalem Kammermusikfestivals beglückende und inspirierende Begegnungen mit Musik und Mitmenschen.“
Alte Oper Frankfurt


05Konzert UNO ABGESAGT. Per SMS...
Vereinte Nationen Genf, 00:00

European String Quartett

Konzert an der Botschafterversammlung

06Cavalleria Rusticana
Openair auf dem Klosterhof St.Gallen, 21:30

Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen
Antonello Allemandi, Leitung
Arnaud Bernard, Inszenierung

Santuzza:Mlada Khudoley/ Gergana Geleva
Lucia,Mutter: Silvia Mazzoni
Lola,die Frau Alfios: Katja Starke
Alfio,der Fuhrmann: Alberto Gazale
Turiddu, ein junger Bauer: Javier Palacios/ Juremir Vieira

07Cavalleria Rusticana
Openair auf dem Klosterhof St.Gallen, 21:30

siehe 6.07.07

siehe 6.07.07

08Cavalleria Rusticana
Openair auf dem Klosterhof St.Gallen, 21:30

siehe 6.07.07

siehe 6.07.07

14Trio La Jalousie
Hotel Kulm, Arosa, 00:00

Trio La Jalousie


Serneus GR, Kirche Serneus, 19:30

Trio La Jalousie
Sven Bachmann, Klarinette
Sabine Bachmann-Frey, Akkordeon
Benjamin Nyffenegger, Violoncello